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  • I really needed this!

OK, so I've just started but I am impressed with Rosalee's organizational skills. I'm an artist by profession and tend to approach tasks by different means. My Udemy course and my blog site insure over 300 e-mails daily. I've downloaded the inbox assessment sheet and looking forward to getting a handle on my overload.

    Don Rankin
    Don Rankin's Watercolor Studio
  • Laura Anderson
    I received Rosalee s checklist to help start email marketing. Very fast, good information. Thank you!
    Laura Anderson
  • I had a great chat with rosalee which helped me to look into some different options how to attack my project management problems will recommend for anyone who is stuck or just don't know where to start.
    Ozzi Jarvinen
    CEO IGLU, Red Orange Co.
  • Terrific job, and well ahead of schedule. Thanks, Rosaleel~
    Joenne Denning
    My Success Power
  • Need for everybody to effective time-management and not disturb with so much comm. This lady has know how, learn it!
    Ing. Jozef Antol
  • Easy Roadmap -- I discovered I had some really nasty email habits. I was using my inbox the wrong way. >>I particularly loved the Cheatsheet. I can see the whole process at a glance. It's not difficult. It just needs to be executed. >>And, ohmygoodness, to have an instant-zero-inbox feels so good. So easy.
    Kathryn Kistner
  • I would highly recommend Rosalee for any position or career that requires high intelligence, creativity and focused work.
    Dr. William F. Vendley, Secretary General
  • I had the pleasure of working with Rosalee at Religions for Peace in an online communications department. Rosalee is very knowledgeable about social media, SEO, website development and design. Aside from her technical knowledge, Rosalee is a creative problem solver, who approaches every problem with dedication and enthusiasm. Throughout her work, Rosalee demonstrated excellent leadership skills; she is capable of identifying employees’ strength and weakness and not only utilizing their strength for the better of the organization but also working with them and helping them improve in other areas. Overall, Rosalee is intelligent and hard-working communications specialist
    Nina Kalandaze
  • Rosalee Laws is an impressive person! Her work at Count on Us was simply outstanding, exhibiting a wide range of organizational skills. Her report writing was succinct and well constructed. I was equally impressed with her beautiful web design for Count on Us. Rosalee is truly a multi-talented Renaissance woman!
    Marcia Steinbock
  • Rosalee is a champion. A real professional, listened and gave information right on the mark for what i needed. Exceeded my expectations. First class, will use many times over in the future. Highly recommended to anyone. Will use ongoing.
    Rhys Jones, CEO
  • Rosalee is friendly and professional. She can handle large task-loads under a tight deadline and still find time to support her colleagues.
    Kristy Evans
  • Rosalee, Thanks for the adjustments and advice. Great job, thanks!
    Jack Kratochvil



The Business Building Bakery

The Business Building Bakery is a full service design & marketing brand that helps local businesses. We also offer "Business Recipes" & "Business Banquets" which are quick lessons and local events for business owners. Click Here To Visit

Renaissance Academy

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Rosalee Laws Fine Art Photography

Prints & Photography related items from Rosalee Laws.


The Cordelia Hope Memorial Foundation

The Cordelia Hope Foundation was set up to honor Cordelia Hope Tarr who passed away in 2016 at the age of 10, our mission is to carry her spirit and love of life forward by instilling her kindness, caring, compassion and empathy in other children. Click Here to Visit

Renaissance Woman Music

Music by Rosalee Laws - Renaissance Woman music - Renaissance 르네상스 Woman Rosalee Laws. From New York, NY. Click Here to Visit


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